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5 things your developer is likely to need from you

5 things your developer is likely to need from you

Provide content  can reduce project cost and allow your project to completed more quickly and help make sure the outcome is in line with your aspirations for the project.

Point 1: The images you chose to have on your site and where. If you dont have images then the developer may need to either take some for you or have a photography prepare a package for the website. Images for online stores have high editing requirements ie  compress and resize or possibly removal of background. Images will contribute to the ranking of a site if they are fresh images applicable to your business. Royalty free images from the internet are not a good option for a website that trying to rank in an a competitve sector. Images are often poorly understood for their effect on a website. Dont underestimate the amount of time it will take to prepare images for use on a websites. See assistance from your developer if unsure.

Point 2: What text do you want on your website. Text for headings, title, descriptions and even image captions is called copy. If you cant provide this it is likely the developer can write the content for you (for a fee) or engage a copy writer to build the content for you. A developer may be able to prepare captions, headings and descriptive text it will contribute to increased cost in the project. Before a developer can write the text for you they will have to develope a knowledge of your business, products or services etc. In some situations a site might be developed with random text for you to populate just prior to going live. Be aware though that layout is greatly affected by the text content required to be displayed so layout might have to be altered after content text becomes available is likely to come with increased cost.

Point 3: Choice of colors. There is an amazing amount of science behind chosing applicable color. Sites will rarely use more than three colors and they will have to be compatible with each other. We can help organise designer input if you are having difficulty with website color choice. Suitability of colors can be affected by image choice so obtain images early in a project as this will save on reworking a project.

Point 4: Business reviews from other platforms. If you have any they are bound to be worthy addition to your new site. Let your developer know if you have reviews on any social media platform, with google  or another site.

Point 5: What is your website budget. Your developer needs to  know how much you are prepared to spend so they quote accurately regards features you can afford in your new website. For example some features like online selling and booking systems can be quite time consuming to setup and also may attract subscription fees.

In summary there is just a short list of things to prepare before you approach a developer. Images preparation by yourself represents a significant area of cost and time saving in your project. Preparations by you have the potential to reduce costs and reduce the time it takes to build your site. Before booking a website build its recommended you consider speaking with your developer about content and planning of your new website.

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