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A domain for better search results

A domain for better search results

When selecting a domain for better search results, take the time to choose a word combination that says more about your business as it can give better results rankings.

A simple domain name might mean you skip the opportunity to give your business an edge in ranking, a chance for the name to help contribute to higher search rankings. Especially important if you are just starting out or in a competitive industry.

For example, if people are searching for “Motorcycles in Benalla” and your domain is then it will help you appear higher in these results. And if you have good content regarding “Benalla” and “Motorcycles” then your website will possibly appear even higher in results.  Other factors will contribute too but this is a good start.

If you have a idea for a domain for better search results, type the word combination into google and see what comes from the search results

Careful not to make the word combination too long in a domain for better search results as it can have a negative effect; it needs to be human readable and not too long for an email address. 20 characters for the domain section is pushing the limit.

Elements to possibly include in a domain for better search results, will be one word where possible:

  • Business name: one word
  • Owners name: full name if possible
  • Type of business: studio, agency, factory, nursery, etc
  • Location: town
  • Type of work: digital, design, dentistry, etc

Having trouble choosing a domain for better search results? Post in the comments below.

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