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Correctly configured business email is essential for small businesses. It brings security, reliability and peace of mind while protecting your customers. The settings and protocol of email can be quite complex and difficult to understand but our business email solutions can help you improve the email setup of  your small business.

What is business email

A business email address utilises the domain of the business it represents and follows the format of  [email protected]. This contrasts to addresses provided by your email provider like [email protected] and [email protected].


Business emails like [email protected] create a clear visual connection to your website with every email you send. If a customer doesn’t know you, receiving a business email can help them feel more at ease that they can open and respond to your email without risk. This  improved interaction with your customers can contribute to a good first impression of your business and increase customer perception of professionalism.

Reliable and secure

The nature of much business communication means personal type email is inadequate and  increased security, reliable delivery of emails and use of encryption becomes critical. 

To improve security and email deliverability  there are special protocols available that, when implemented and combined with a domain based email name and the use of encryption, give adequate email security for most situations.

The provision of encryption is a level of service more readily available with business email providers but not with personal email. Look for it as a feature of the service provided by your email provider.

How email is delivered important for small business


Business email addresses help organize emails by their purpose. Email hosts (like gmail, Outlook)  have filters and labels that can be combined with use of business email to help sooth inbox chaos. The initial steps in setting up these measures can be  far outweighed by the benefits.


The use of a business email address can aid collaboration between teams. Shared calendars can be possible where business emails are generated within the same workspace. The initial steps in setting up these measures can provide many benefits to collaboration within a business team.

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