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How we complete your project

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How we complete your project

How we complete your project is important to ensure best outcomes for your business. Web related matters can be quite complex for small businesses and difficult to resolve. Our methods can help make it easier and less stressful, while helping you explore options at several stages during the project. It is our goal for you to be comfortable through the process and for the outcomes to meet your goals.

Asking questions first

During the quoting and then the scoping processes we make a point of developing a full appreciation for the aims of your business website project or if you are still unsure, we suggest a discovery session where we help lead you through the process.

If you want repairs or improvement of an existing site a good way to start might be with a tech assessment session where we investigate the issues you are experiencing and what options are available to resolve them.

It’s important too that we have a broad understanding of your business so we can help you explore website options that will give the best benefit to your business.

Building new web sites

If your business is needing a new website, how we complete your project starts with what features, function, styles and content you would like. An ideal starting point for this information is other similar websites. Make a note of their web address or photograph the other websites. After consideration we have some starter prices that will give you a close indication as to the overall cost and prepare a written quote and provide the most accurate final price. 

Best practise in site building

How we complete your project to achieve best outcomes with least time input and great flexibility in adjustment, is using GeneratePress as a base. It is a platform that allow us to  build fast, functional and feature rich websites that our clients love. Where needed we integrate Advanced Custom Fields to create ease of use for you as website manager but also to produce a great website for users, in appearance, content and functionality.

Watch your website being built

Your website will be produced a bit differently than others. We build your website from a skeleton site and make it live on the internet for only you to see via password we provide you. You can view our progress at anytime and we schedule feedback sessions discuss the progress. This method makes it easier for you decide on text content, image choice and placement. You will feel more involved in your website; its design and construction and at ease regards deadlines and progress.

If you have an idea, get in touch with us and we can prepare a quote/proposal for your project.

Repairs or improvements to existing sites

How we complete your project if it involves repairs is usually to charge by the hour so we can quote the expected time taken to complete the task. Smaller changes or repairs we can give a verbal quote after a chat with you.

One of our work stations.

Guarantee and peace of mind

We provide an extended period of post production website adjustments and corrections *. This will all help your business transition smoothly into using your new or updated website.

If your business needs a new small business websites, online stores or booking sites then we can help!

Other contributors

We work with you to make sure it looks great and is consistent with your brand and business. We may engage other specialists to contribute to this as negotiated or where the need exists. Photographers, designers and web developers are services we may utilise to help build our projects to the standard we are aiming for.

Your feedback

At pre-negotiated intervals during the build, we will have a feedback meeting with you to seek input from you and check everything we are doing is on track.

Website training

Dont worry if you or your staff are unfamiliar with editing websites and managing them. In the months after your website goes live we can help with training, offer phone or video support for questions and most importantly, we want you to love your new or upgraded site so we guarantee to make adjustments to after it goes live, to sort any minor problems*.

*some conditions apply (ie adding features or functionality may incur additional cost)

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