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Website Security and Maintenance

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Website Security and Maintenance

ADDRESSING security risk

Reducing the security risk to WordPress websites can sometimes be as simple as addresssing some small key changes to website security and maintenance of your website.

Small business owners

Understanding the overall security risks of your website though can be difficult and this often results in nothing being done to address a website security and maintenance , until the website is affected, damaged or content lost. Small business website owners can complete many tasks themselves but the difficulty in understanding which are the important tasks, the lack of access to premium software and the lack of time available to work on a site, can leave websites under protected and inadequately maintained, customer data at risk and business continuity vunerable.

important Maintenance

Your website may be at risk of being compromised if it is not security checks and updates are not performed routinely. Failure to complete updates and address the need for some timely updates represents a major risk factors for WordPress websites.

Great sites don’t stay that way forever unless they are maintained and updated. The content you can see will often need updating or new content added. This will be for maintaining accuracy, appearance and search optimisation of your site.

care plans

Website CARE PLANS can give peace of mind while addressing website security and maintenance requirements. For a relatively small fee your site can be monitored by us for critical security updates and we apply them as required. Feature updates are less urgent and can be applied by us monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly, depending on your plan. Changes or improvements you would like to your site can be addressed by us at our low hourly rate that applies to CARE PLAN subscribers. Contact us today to organise coverage for your website with a CARE PLAN.

search ranking

Achieving and maintaining your websites ranking is a science in itself. One of the basics of maintaining a site involve adding new content, or fresh content it is also called, to keep or improve your search  ranking. This new content could come in many forms, depending on the website type, but is traditionally in the form of blog post entries.

So dont forget the important maintenance task of adding fresh content and make sure its added routinely. Your web developer could assist with managing the automation of this process or set up your software for you to manage. If the content writing for the blog, is proving too difficult or you are struggling to find time they may be able to assist or find someone to prepare the new content. Talk to your web developer today about the best options for website.

Do you know the security status of your website?

website performance

Images can overload a site and make it slow with consequences for other aspects of a site. Receival of images to a site may not have been set up correctly and now the site is bloating. Email if hosted within the website can reach limits and cause a website to fail. Archiving or changes to hosting might be needed. Without website security and maintenance a website could deteriote or fail and affect your business.

website appearance

Designs lose popularity and may need freshening up. Promotions come and go and are best removed from your site when they expire. Dates and content need removing or updating in a timely manner. You get the picture. Maintenance of a site is all about maintaining it as a working asset for your business.

cloudflare & cloudways

Web hosting has changed so much from the days when SSL was paid service and cpanel hosting was a luxury. Security has become a greater issue and website speed increasingly important. We can assist you with two cost effective products that can address this – Cloudflare (DNS hosting) and Cloudways (web hosting). They can be used independantly but together they offer optimum security and blistering fast wordpress speeds. The trade off is they are more complicated to use for changes at the server but thats also where we can help.

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Reduce the risk to your WordPress website by engaging Strathwarren Digital to secure and maintain your website while, at the same time, protecting and maintaining your websites contribution to your business success. Contact us today.