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portfolio of past client projects


A page dedicated as a portfolio of past client projects and the type of work involved with their website. Sharing with permission.

This WordPress project was a site clean as Wordfence detected changes in files, critical and suspicious files. A scan by CleanTalk confirmed infection.

All the Core files were stripped out. All the plugins were renewed. Same with the Theme. Upload files were checked.

The plugin CleanTalk is great for a before and after assessment. The before and after results reports from CleanTalk are great for showing clients with these hacked sites.

Site back up quickly as the infection was picked up early by Wordfence and Google didnt have the site blocklisted.

This client found their site was down and I noticed it had received a blocklisting from Google. In an email from Google – “social engineering content detected on the site” so a malware clean was required.

The site was put into maintenance mode. All the Core files were stripped out. All the plugins were renewed. Same with the Theme. Upload files were checked.

After cleaning the site was scanned with CleanTalk and passed with flying colors. The same with a reassessment by Google and the blocklisted status removed.

After the site was restored they chose to use our monthly CARE program to keep the site in better shape.

This project involved migrating a WordPress site to new hosting. Many problems were experienced due to the out-going developer failing to disclose it was a multi-site installation and we didnt realise we didnt have access to the main controlling site!

End result was result was worth it. The website performed much better as a single install. Work was done to improve the security and function of the site. Great performance from the new hosting.

This project is a Squarespace site. The fresh designer feel of the site was easier to achieve on this type of platform. Squarespace is a very user friendly platform for people who want to avoid the complexities of WordPress. I love many aspects of Squarespace, the designer look of finished sites, ease of use and everything you need is in one place.

The owner now blogs very regularly on the site and loves the booking and scheduling interface, taking new video call clients from around the world even while away on holidays!

This is a club site upgraded to WordPress from an old CMS serving HTML pages. The most popular feature of the site is the upcoming events display.

The subscriptions are paid and donations collected, using Woocommerce.

Posting of new events can be done from the website front end. The Events Calendar plugin allows advertisment of rides and other events around the state.

This site came on-board as a new hosting client after bad experiences with GoDaddy.

The move started with a transfer to Synergy Wholesale. This was done seamlessly by creating a duplicate of the site and then testing its without a domain, and on a PC, using host file changes.

The domain was Namecheap to a quality registrar. Extracting it from GoDaddy’s grasp was quite a task.

The new hosting performs great and the new domain registrar is easy to use for keeping tabs on the domain dues. No hassles and much reduced costs.

This was a volunteer task for another agency in 2021. The community health program is fulfilling a fantastic role for a community in Uganda and it was enjoyable to work on this project

It utilises a Woocommerce store for hand made goods to raise money for the program. The site was a revamp using WordPress to present existing images, posts and pages.

A great result for a busy and worthwhile program

This site was built with the Thrive business management CRM platform. I received a call as the site was not performing after going live. With some changes the site started to perform well after just a couple of weeksas noticed in Google search ranking, Google maps ranking and feedback from the owner! The changes included targeting keywords, actual images of the business, internal and backlinks, improved description of services.

This project was a promotional ebook for a homeopathy site.

A pdf was provided and it was decided the book was best hosted as a landing page type. Squarespace has the tools to easily embed the pdf and provide great functionality and styling.

Assistance was given to the client with the associated email campaign due to very low delivery with the first mailout attempt. A verified business domain email address was created for the campaigns and gave great success.