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9 ways to improve an email campaign

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9 ways to improve an email campaign

Some of the following 9 ways to improve an email campaign helped me assist a client that had poor deliverability with an email campaign.

I was able to improve email deliverability and security so the campaign could be successfully resent.

The campaign had an audience of 90 subscribers in the mail list but only 3 emails were delivered and  1 opened.

The following are ways to avoid low email deliverability and low email engagement in an email campaign:

  • Authenticate your email – ie SPF, DKIM & DMARC as these DNS records are security and deliverability protocols. Google has a great support doc on this.
  • Use double opt in at sign up – it might reduce the number of people who subscribe but the quality of the list will be better
  • Don’t buy email lists – this could adversely affect your domain and email reputation
  • Use a domain email address to send from ie [email protected] not from a free or generic email domain ie,, etc
  • Check the reputation of your domain or its IP – some online tools can be used to check reputation rating
  • Use a reputable campaign provider – make sure they can handle bulk sending and use SMTP
  • Clean your list – use metrics to find who isn’t opening your emails and ask whether they wish to unsubscribe, to offer coupons or downloads or extra content to encourage engagement, find inactive email addresses and include an unsubscribe on your email
  • Focus on subject line quality and email content  – these speaks for themselves
  • Email  consistently – the key to routine campaign emails is to be create content ahead of time. This will give you a buffer, allowing you to take a break sometimes or cope with unforseen circumstances.

Using these 9 ways to improve an email campaign may help Improve your success with your email campaigns.

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